CHSPRA is open and inclusive to organizational and individual members who are committed to the principles of the alliance and to working together to advance the alliance’s goals and objectives.

Members include federal and provincial health research funding organizations, national and provincial HSPR data centers, health charities, national healthcare foundations, provincial health quality councils, university-based HSPR institutes, and health policy and delivery organizations.


CHSPRA members agree to work together to achieve the following goals and objectives:

  • Document the level, nature and impact of HSPR investment in Canada

  • Use the CHSPRA impact framework for HSPR and related suite of indicators (and measurement instruments) to capture the true value and impact of HSPR on health, health system and health policy outcomes

  • Foster new partnerships and greater collaboration among health research funding organizations and with health policy and delivery organizations to build capacity and invest in common areas of interest

  • Identify knowledge and capacity gaps, and develop and jointly fund large-scale initiatives through partnerships amongst alliance members to address said gaps (e.g., develop embedded research capacity in policy and delivery organizations)

  • Serve as a collective voice for key issues of mutual interest in HSPR to CHSPRA member organizations, other key stakeholders including government, and the public

Member Organizations

*Note: member organizations with individuals who sit on the CHSPRA Executive Committee have been marked with an asterisk


If your organization is interested in becoming a member of CHSPRA, please contact for more information.

Executive Committee

Message from the Co-chairs


“The number and diversity of organizations involved in the Canadian Health Services and Policy Research Alliance is a testament to the value of working together to collectively address common priorities and complex challenges. Our initial priorities to accelerate training modernization, develop new frameworks to capture the impact of HSPR on decision making, and to advance the development of learning health systems have started to pave the way towards improved health system outcomes. I look forward to our continued collaboration to strengthen and optimize the impact of Canada's HSPR enterprise.”

~Dr. Rick Glazier, Scientific Director, CIHR-Institute of Health Services and Policy Research

“The reality is that the Canadian health care system is a complex network of micro-health systems operating at different provincial, regional, sub-regional and even disciplinary and specialty levels. We have a great opportunity to learn from each other across these systems, but we also to need to align ourselves better in order to improve health care for, and the health of, all Canadians. The Canadian Health Services and Policy Research Alliance has filled a significant gap whereby those with common goals have achieved something that would not have been accomplished otherwise. And this has happened within an incredibly short span of time given the number of health system partners involved from across various sectors and settings.”

~Dr. Tom Noseworthy, President & CEO, BC Academic Health Science Network

CHSPRA established an executive committee initially comprising individuals from the founding member organizations to provide oversight and direction of the alliance. The executive committee organizes expert working groups as needed to address key priorities as they arise and is accountable to the membership of the alliance.

The executive committee includes co-chairs who are responsible for leading the development of meeting agendas, chairing the meetings, and ensuring action items are communicated following meetings and actioned in a timely manner.