Impact Analysis Working Group

Message from the co-chairs

“For Health Services Policy Research to impact the health of Canadians, a shared understanding of the desired impacts and those communities affected is required. We need to go back to first principles and investigate how research evidence informs policy and practice and explore the different ways to assess those impacts. Moving forward in any meaningful way requires a shared language and practical tools to help us better assess, demonstrate and communicate the impacts. The CHSPRA’s informing decision making impact framework provides Canada with one of these tools for moving forward.” ~Dr. Kathryn Graham, Executive Director, Performance Management and Evaluation, Alberta Innovates

"Health services and policy research provides an applied knowledge base which often serves to understand health systems and inform decision-making. The CHSPRA Framework advances previous work to understand how research informs decision-making by providing a more detailed understanding of indicators and pathways to impact for the HSP field.” ~Dr. Sarah Viehbeck, Head of Performance Measurement and Manager, Results and Impact, Performance and Accountability Branch, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Mandate of the CHSPRA Impact Analysis Working Group

To operationalize the CHSPRA-identified priority of developing a common framework and suite of indicators to measure the impact of health services and policy research (HSPR)

Objectives of the CHSPRA Impact Analysis Working Group

  1. Establish an impact assessment framework that can capture the nature and scope of impacts HSPR has on decision-making

  2. Provide methods, tools, and techniques to optimize the impact of HSPR on decision-making

  3. Advance testing, refinement, and shared use of the framework and related impact optimization resources

A top priority for the Canadian Health Services and Policy Research Alliance (CHSPRA) is the development of a common framework and indicators to measure the impact of health services and policy research (HSPR).  The Impact Analysis Working Group (IAWG) of the CHSPRA was established to operationalize this priority, including the development of framework and suite of indicators for HSPR impact assessment.

CHSPRA envisions that its member organizations, as well as other research funders and health and health-related organizations will use the resulting framework and indicators to assess the impact of the research they support and produce. It is hoped that as the framework’s use increases so too will our knowledge about the impact of HSPR on informing decision-making and the methods that can be harnessed to optimize its impact.