CHSPRA Timeline


The Canadian Health Services and Policy

Research Alliance (CHSPRA)

The primary purpose of the Canadian Health Services and Policy Research Alliance (CHSPRA) is to foster collaboration, coordination and strategic investment amongst Health Services and Policy Research (HSPR) organizations in Canada to accelerate scientific innovation and discovery, optimize the impact of research on health and health system outcomes, and strengthen Canada’s HSPR enterprise.


The Canadian Health Services and Policy Research Alliance provides a collective voice for HSPR in Canada, fostering the pursuit of collaborative action, investment and impact in areas identified as pan-Canadian priorities of common interest that are better accomplished as a collective than in isolation. The alliance will also advance the implementation of the pan-Canadian Vision and Strategy for HSPR; report back to the HSPR community, stakeholders and the public on the level, nature and impact of HSPR investment in Canada; and collaborate on targeted high-priority initiatives of mutual interest.


CHSPRA is not an independent funding body but rather an alliance of existing organizations with separate and autonomous organizational mandates that are united through a shared vision and commitment to work together to support an innovative, high-performing and high impact HSPR enterprise.

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